Raytracing has been an interest of mine since I first learned of the medium in 2002, studying Computer Science at North Dakota State University.


I have designed a simple slideshow tool to showcase my best raytraced works, which you will find below. This slideshow tool has been programmed using a combination of Javascript, CSS and HTML.


For me, these raytraced images represent a synthesis of code and beauty. No advanced editing tools beyond the simple text editor included with the open-source raytracing program, Povray were used in the development of these works. They are the product of hand-written code, pure and simple, without any incorporation of outside models, images or textures. They portray a fascination with the natural world: with it's procedural patterns and inherent wildness, demonstrating a work methodology dedicated to perfection through gradual improvement.


Each image includes its own description, links to higher resolution productions (in some cases very high) and the opportunity to download my original source code. To view the content on this page, it is required that you have javascript enabled on your web browser.





©2010 Isaac Kulka